“Mo Stewart’s book offers its reader a compendium of the dreadful attacks on the lives and rights of disabled people in the UK today. But at its heart is one key story that describes in microcosm the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of our current political elite. The book describes how the vested interests of private insurers and the ideological commitment of extreme right-wing politicians have combined to undermine what was an essential component of our social security system – Incapacity Benefit. It is easy to become dispirited by all this – but I think Mo Stewart is right to quote Nelson Mandella: “Never underestimate the power of persistence”. This book is the fruit of Mo Stewart’s own persistence and tenacity. She has had to deal with her own disability while fighting to find the truth and I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to look beyond Government rhetoric and understand what’s really going on”.

Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform