There are many outstanding books available and here I identify a few of the most significant to both my research and to the many negative changes within society since neoliberal politics, and a devotion to ‘Cash Not Care’, became the norm in the UK. ‘Longcare Survivors’ is an eye opener as journalist John Pring exposes the abuse of adults with learning difficulties in a care home when hundreds of miles away from their families. ‘Austerity Bites’ is another book written by a distinguished journalist, this time Mary O’Hara, who toured the UK to gain access to the damaging impact of the austerity measures introduced by the Coalition government, which dispels the myth that “we are all in this together”. The other listed books are by distinguished academics who have welcomed my contact and supported my research. These are significant academic texts offering access to in depth academic analysis and exposing evidence that the national press fail to identify, and which the British public will never know. MS