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independent research identifying the influence of corporate America with British social welfare policy reforms

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“Mo Stewart Research” collates all my independent research, conducted voluntarily since February 2009, demonstrating the American corporate influence with future UK welfare reforms since 1992 and the human consequences of that corporate influence. The British welfare state is being gradually demolished by successive UK governments, to be eventually replaced with private healthcare insurance. Thousands have died and countless numbers of chronically ill and disabled people are now suffering to make this happen…

The evidence the national press will not report, and the government don’t want the general public to know, is now all collated in one place to offer access to academic papers, professional reports and to very detailed independent research. The journey through the research via this website is not a happy task, and regular readers of my research have identified the detailed evidence as both “disturbing” and “harrowing”. It’s not for the feint hearted. Be brave…

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This is the research the Coalition government tried to suppress, now in a book the Conservative government hopes no-one will notice…
Independent research exposing the planned demolition of the UK welfare state and the adoption of American social welfare policies.
What are you going to do when there is no UK welfare state?

The research reports, academic papers and articles reproduced on this website are all Copyright protected. Excerpts and quotes may be used for non-commercial purposes, provided that the author and year of publication is fully acknowledged.

The name ‘Mo Stewart’ is a pseudonym.

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