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For the ability to manipulate social security policies towards the ultimate Thatcher ’dark legacy’, identified as being the future demolition of the UK welfare state, it was necessary to create a form of social re-engineering to remove the past psychological security provided by welfare. This has been achieved. We now live in a country where the chronically ill and disabled community who are unfit to work live in fear of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP); the government department initially designed to support those in greatest need, now identified as the government department which excels at terrorising the very people they are meant to support, with few political objections.

Most Members of Parliament (MP) are not experienced in the volumes of published evidence demonstrating the public health crisis created by successive social policy reform since 2008, when the fatally flawed and totally discredited Work Capability Assessment was introduced to restrict access to disability benefit. The chronically ill and disabled community who are dependent upon the DWP for their financial and physical survival are so intimidated they refuse to send links to published research papers to their MPs, which could generate a debate in Parliament regarding the identified preventable harm created by the social policy reforms, as influenced by corporate America since 1992.

There are volumes of published peer-reviewed academic papers and books exposing the ongoing public health crisis created in the UK by various social policy reforms since 2008, which were extended since 2010 with the adoption of austerity measures added to the social policy crisis created for those in greatest need. Collectively, these social policies created a public health crisis which is totally disregarded by successive administrations, and those who have died when ‘killed by the state’ are simply collateral damage of right-leaning neoliberal UK administrations.

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Cash Not Care: the planned demolition of the UK welfare state

Published in September 2016, Cash Not Care: the planned demolition of the UK welfare state is the research evidence the Coalition government tried to suppress, now in a book the Conservative government(s) hope no-one will notice.

Whilst the entire British press have been silenced, and refuse to offer the public access to the influence of corporate America with UK social policy reforms since 1992, Cash Not Care is now in the libraries of universities in the UK and in Australia, and is recommended reading for various social policy courses. The research evidence in the book is being used to educate social policy academics of the future.

New Generation Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78507-783-8 (A4 pbk)
ISBN: 978 -1-78507-785-2 (eBook)

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