“The research undertaken is thorough and detailed making the conclusions all the more disquieting. Many of the policies, attitudes and ideologies of the UK Government revealed in ‘Cash Not Care’ will come as a shock to many people, but I feel works of this nature are essential in order to challenge the policies of the government of a supposed social democracy. The layout of the book is clear and concise, making it accessible to most readers and the stand alone nature of the chapters makes ‘Cash Not Care’ a readily accessible reference work. Given the nature of the subject matter, ‘Cash Not Care’ is a prime candidate for a version in Braille and compatibility with screen readers. To summarise, ‘Cash Not Care’ is an excellent testament to the culmination of extensive and rigorous research and groundwork and is a must read for anyone engaged in disability studies or research. Given the social interactive nature of disability most people know of, or are close to, a disabled person. Therefore, issues facing disabled people have repercussions that reach far beyond the individual. Consequently, ‘Cash Not Care’ is a book that has relevance far beyond the disabled community”.

George Low, Co-ordinator of Disability Research Edinburgh The University of Edinburgh